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BBQ, Bonfire and...Blue Eagle

It’s that time of year friends, fall has officially commenced and if you’re in the Midwest the wonderful fall colors are everywhere you look. Some call it sweatshirt season, others are bonfire maniacs. And then there’s the other kind of people, the ones looking to add a different color to their backyard entertainment with Blue Eagle Elite Kentucky Bluegrass seed. That’s right, seed planting season is now through November and it’s time to get the backyard looking and feeling lush as the winterizing begins. In an unprecedented year spent in and outside of the home entertaining neighbors and family alike, having a well seeded lawn can add immense amounts of fun to any social gathering. When it comes to entertaining guests, the venison burgers and beer selection is as important as the look and presentation of the home, right down to the front or backyard lawn in Michigan. No one wants to pull up to a house with dirt spots and dead grass, Crooked Bend’s Blue Eagle can solve that creating the Michigan backyard of your dreams with incredible Michigan grass seed. Backyard goals is what some like to call it, and the result will be that lush deep green sod the mows easy, that the kids can play in, and the adults can entertain in. There’s just a different vibe to a Michigan fall or Michigan bonfire when a freshly cut lawn looks as thick and full as ever. Some might ask why it’s something to worry about in the immediate future, “it’s gonna be winter.” If your lawn isn’t properly managed and maintained right now come spring it’ll be that much more difficult to cultivate the beautiful Michigan lawn we all dream of. Whether it’s that fun family BBQ, a birthday party, or a classic Michigan bonfire in the fall, a full, colorful, well maintained lawn can help add to the ambiance Michigan family get togethers deserve. The old saying is to not judge a book by it’s cover, but if the first thing people see when pulling up to your Michigan home is a lawn that’s not well maintained or in fact been forgotten, there will be a level of guilt and instantly drag down a nice Friday night bonfire. Pick the right beer, cook the food to the right temperature, and take care of those beautiful Michigan lawns now before it becomes real trouble in the spring.



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