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Eat Your Radishes

“Eat your radish!” Ah, they were words 90-percent of children dreaded hearing from their parents as they attempted to slink away from the dinner table with food still left on a hot white plate. “But why,” we’d mutter. “Because they’re good for you!” Deep in the heart of food plots in Michigan and across the United States, the same conversations are happening, only it’s between deer, and this time the fawns aren’t angry about the radish, they’re in fact eager to scarf it down. Most might be reading this and laughing but it’s actually true, one of the key plants, or backbone plants as they’ve come to be known in the deer hunting game, and particularly in Crooked Bend’s “Branson’s Buffalo Blend,” is in fact, radish. Radical as it may be, radish is a weaponized soil enhancer, sure to increase the rich, healthy base, while also providing a tasty treat that deer simply cannot resist. When planted in the fall, the perfect time for another round of deer food plot seed, especially the Branson Buffalo Blend, the radish produces giant green foliage for deer to munch on and continue the process of gaining weight, getting healthier, and growing thicker and fuller antlers. By winter, these radishes, (yes we know, delicious radishes!) will grow to form monstrous and appetizing white bulbs in the ground, around the size or your standard Subway 6 inch or footlong sub sandwich. How can deer resist at that point? The goal in the food plot game is to grow an area rich with flavor, full of protective cover, and a variety of tasty options for our favorite deer to consume. With the right food plot seed, Branson’s Buffalo Blend from Crooked Bend, the Daikon radish can provide a season worth of excitement and a winter’s worth of delicious, tender meat.



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