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Embrace the Earthworm

Updated: Jun 2

Do not disturb the earthworms! Food plots and gardens need plenty of sunlight, fresh water, and special tending, but often left out of that conversation is the relationship with our friends the earthworm. Soil is as important as it comes for the growth of food plots, and part of the process of enriching that soil is the ever working earthworm. Earthworms methodically work overtime weaving in and out of the rich soil inside deer food plots to improve the overall health and well being of the soil, leading directly to the improved health of the deer who graze. To put it simply, the more earthworms in your food plot soil, the bigger the antlers could be in your deer herd. The two most common deer minerals found inside antlers are calcium and phosphorous, standing to reason the better the soil, the better chance of stronger, healthier antlers. Earthworms are directly related to this process enriching the soil in the food plots and gardens making it more appetizing and beneficial for your deer herd. One of the many ways earthworms feed and improve the soil is part of what makes the Crooked Bend Branson's Buffalo Blend and Basic Buck Mix food plot mixes flourish. Utilizing the buffalo food plot planting method, several natural processes take place to ensure a higher quality soil. When the crimped forage decays it creates an excellent food source for the worms and with an estimated one million earthworms per acre of soil its incredibly important for the population to be vast to create the very best food plot possible. While many may wonder how earthworms could possibly have this big of an effect on the health and growth of the herd in your deer food plot, the correlation is unmistakable. At Crooked Bend we focus on creating the right relationship between you the planter, the soil, the earthworms, our unique food plot mixes for all seasons, and of course the deer herd, all in an effort to produce the highest quality plants possible. Nature is a beautiful thing when every one is working in concert with one another!




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