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How to Frost Seed with Crooked Bend’s “Four Clover Combo”

Updated: May 24

Frost seeding is a planting technique which involves spreading seed via broadcasting (at the normal rate) onto the frozen ground or into a couple inches of snow then, allowing the freeze-thaw-freeze-thaw cycle to naturally occur as spring approaches. This method allows for great seed-to-soil contact due to the expansion and contraction of the ground surface, also know as “heaving.” Ice expands upward when the top level of moisture in the soil freezes and carries soil with it, practically burring the seed. The seeds will then germinate in early spring, when the temperature is right. Keep in mind that the ideal time for frost-seeding will vary based on your location. In the south, you can start as early as January to early February. Where in the Midwest the preferred time to start frost seeding is generally late February to March. However, in the northeast frost seeding could start as late as April.

This technique works best when there is minimal to no competing vegetation in the food plot area you are planting. This can be achieved by spraying the field with the appropriate herbicide the fall before you frost seed, or by planting in a field that an annual species (like wheat or rye) was grown the year prior. For the majority of us whom we’re not able to properly prepare last year no need to worry! Frost seed as usual and upon green up in spring (when plants are 4-6 inches tall) spray clethodim herbicide onto the plot. This herbicide will kill all vegetation except for your desired clover (and other legumes) and leave you with a luscious green food plot that the critters will love!



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