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It’s not a ploy, plant that soy...bean

Updated: Jun 2

The spring planting season is on and over the next month and a half the decisions made now will directly affect how things are looking in your food plot come fall. Think about it, while the average farmer may treat their food plot as a personal project and take great pride in it, ultimately the food plot is for who? The deer! The early planting season must be spent making the proper decisions on food plot seeds in order to properly attract and solidify the proper environment for nurturing and growing the “big bucks.” One commonly overlooked aspect of a quality deer food plot is the lovely soybean.! While some may think how could the soy bean possibly produce some of the bigger, healthier deer every season, recent studies have shown that in fact is exactly what it does. Remember when we touched on the importance of making the right decisions during this spring planting season? The soybean can and should be a part of that food plot mix, Crooked Bend’s Basic Buck Mix incorporates plenty of soy and the results are proven. Soy beans are a tremendous food source and supply of deer mineral that if planted properly in your food plot, can not only grow quickly but last into the fall and even the early winter depending on soil temperature, weather and graze pressure of your deer herd. Deer eat millions of pounds of crops and soybeans are found to be one of the most popular choices within that plentiful appetite. Think about it, we as people love and need protein, and steak is one of those delicacies that most individuals would cling to as a great source of protein. There’s plenty of ways to secure that protein for humans though, if you could have a perfectly cut and seared filet every day you probably would, right? For deer, the soybean stands out like a steak cut does for humans. Adding soybean to the crop and planting them within your food plot can cultivate an increase in health and size of the deer frequenting your land. As previously stated, this isn’t just a temporary solution, planting your food plot and selecting the right food plot mix now renders massive ramifications, both positively and negatively, by the time late summer and fall hit. Playing catch up ball in the food plot seed world can result in a lost season, and no one wants that. Deer food plot seed reviews are flying in and Crooked Bend’s Basic Buck Mix can kick start your planting season and get your hooves going in the right direction. Don’t believe the soybean phenomenon? Fine, but including the soybean in your spring planting food plot seed mix will permeate loudly in the deer community and attract the healthy bucks so many are looking for every season.




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