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Most Don’t Understand And Some Just Don’t Want To.

It’s a cold, early morning. The fog is heavy and frost glistening throughout the well grown food plot. The coffee is in the thermos, hat and gloves on with that thick jacket draped over everything. You pull up the trail cam between sips checking in to see if there were any visitors overnight. “It’s so early, are you really going out there?” your wife asks as she pours herself a hot cup of joe. “It’s what this season is for,” you say as you finish lacing up the boots and head out the door. Some won’t get hunting season, but the real ones do. It’s not just one morning, one shot, one week, it’s months of careful planting and planning that goes into creating the perfect atmosphere and deer food plot that makes dark, cold mornings like these so worth it. The hauling, the tractors, the digging, the care, it makes for the best food plot you could possibly imagine. Not only is it an escape, alone with your thoughts, focused, it puts you and nature together in it’s purest form. This yearly ritual began generations ago, and with the world advancing and technology nearly unavoidable, this time in the hunting blind puts a person in touch with exactly how it was done decades prior. The chase. The wonder. If the job is done right in the spring and summer, fall in the food plot will ensure you’re not alone. It’s natures version of a dinner table. The smells, the tastes, the allure, bringing all sorts of critters, and hopefully a few bucks, into the dining room for a feast. Often in life the most fulfilling moments are fostered out of preparation and sweat equity. It’s not about how quickly it can be done, how fast your spring food plot, or summer food plot or fall food plot can grow into an attractive destination, it’s about how well it’s done. The brisk mornings wouldn’t be worth it if the months of planning aren’t executed. It’s a year round process and year round food plot mix, a blue print if you will, with the ultimate payoff coming when most aren’t awake to know what’s going on. That’s hunting, and it’s why it’s special. For those that don’t understand they may never fully get it. For the hunter in you, the planter, the planner, the food plot provides the ideal sanctuary to escape and enjoy.



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