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Shhhh...let’s talk about some Birds and The Bees (mix)

Updated: Jun 25

When it comes to hunting most people forget the other side of the mental and physical battle. While even the most novice hunter is looking for deer tracks, checking the live video on their trail cams, and any hints of munching overnight, it’s easy to lose sight of those worthy adversaries...the deer themselves. The food plot is the perfect lure of tasty vegetation and supreme growth, but to the deer, it can also be a sign of a trap if it’s too obvious where it’s being accessed, who exactly owns it, and where the hunting blind could be. Think about it this way, on a night to night basis, your deer food plot could be entered by the same deer, in the same spot, at roughly the same time. To a hunter, that’s very likely the same exact deer falling into a pattern of behavior, not exactly rocket science. For the deer, a hunter’s movement can be picked up on just the same. Yeah sure deer may not understand headlights, seemingly stare blindly in one direction for several minutes, but when it comes to avoiding a hunter and carefully selecting a deer food plot, the deer aren’t stupid. If you’re taking the same exact path through your food plot to get to and from your hunting blind, deer can pick up on that and either avoid it all together or covertly enter and exit to avoid detection. One key to avoiding this fate in your deer food plot is to plant some Birds and The Bees Mix from Crooked Bend here in the June and July window, and do so in and around the various pathways you’ll be taking on the way through to the hunting blind. The towering grain sorghum stalks coupled with the tall and beautiful sunflowers create a thick and natural foliage screen, blocking your view to unsuspecting critters. Meanwhile, the lower growing canopy is occupied by red clover, hairy vetch, and birdsfoot trefoil, which are flowering plants that will attract pollinators, birds and other wildlife. Creating a welcoming atmosphere full of hearty food is an important ingredient to success in the food plot come fall, but as important as anything is the cat and mouse game played between deer and the hunters providing everything. A calm, comfortable food plot with zero reason to feel stress for the hunter and the deer is critical. While planting the Birds and The Bees Mix along the path to create privacy is key, putting careful thought into how quiet those steps along the way should be is another. Planting a perennial clover mix on your walking trails such as "Four Clover Combo" from Crooked Bend will give you a soft, lush, quiet carpet that will glow neon green in low light settings, and allow you to silently glide in and out of your hunting locations. Coming down from your blind and attempting to walk back through the food plot to call it a night can ruin what could’ve been a fruitful day after a night’s sleep. Clunking along loudly disrupting deer still hanging in or around the food plot can scare off the buck you’ve been waiting to find. It all comes down to detection and the moment deer feel uncomfortable it’s going to make for a lonely time in the blind.

Good luck and happy plotting!




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