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There’s still time to…plant grass seed

Updated: Nov 15

The lawnmowers might be away and the food plots starting to die down a bit now that the cold weather has officially taken over in the Midwest. But with just a few weeks left in November that means there’s a few short weeks to…plant some grass seed! We know, we know, how does that make any sense? When it comes to having a fine residential lawn the process doesn’t take time off, this is a year round project and one that with the proper care can result in the lush lawn homeowners or commercial real estate owners can be very proud of during all of the seasons. Crooked Bend’s Blue Eagle Elite Kentucky Bluegrass Seed is perfect to plant right now and, in the Michigan area, all the way up until December officially hits. Why is it so important? The great news is grass seed, and particularly our Blue Eagle product, has the strength to survive the winter and set your lawn up for success in the spring. Putting grass seed down in November means the seed will lay dormant, hibernating, until the soil begins to warm in the spring. Instead of trying to sync up the timing of the warm soil and the application of the new grass seed as winter fades away, get that head start and allow the seed to be triggered to germinate at just the right time! Not only is this a great time of year for grass seed planting in Michigan and in the Midwest for residential homes or commercial real estate buildings, but golf courses spend a significant amount of time planting, sodding, and repairing as well. Whether it’s for a fairway or tee box, Blue Eagle Elite Kentucky Bluegrass Seed provides the perfect lush, deep green sod allowing you the golfer to make a perfect strike and take just the right divot out to stick as many greens as possible. Golf course grass seed and golf course sod maintenance is a scientific procedure and putting the right grass seed down in the fairway is as important as understanding how to water and manage it throughout the winter and into the following season. When it comes to grass seed in November, and growing the perfect lawn in Michigan, or lush tee boxes, Blue Eagle is up to the task delivering the very best quality.



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