Birds & The Bees (25lb Bag) - FOOD PLOT SEED MIX

Birds & The Bees (25lb Bag) - FOOD PLOT SEED MIX


"Birds & The Bees" food plot mix creates a great habitat for all creatures with wings. Multiple layers of forage canopy allow for great cover, coupled with a tasty food supply. Pollinators and other beneficial insects (like bumble bees, honey bees, and butterflies) will be attracted to and flourish in colorful flowers that are produced by the Hairy Vetch, Red Clover, and Birdsfoot Trefoil. Meanwhile, feathered friends (like pheasant, quail, and turkey) will live inside of and use the lower canopy as a bug hunting grounds. Fowl and poultry will also love to feast on the clover, sorghum and sunflowers seeds which will be readily avaiable.

The Grain Sorghum and Peredovik Sunflowers will also provide a very thick and tall “foliage fence” which can be utilized as a screen to block the view of unsuspecting game, allowing you to pass through undetected.

Food plots are a great way to enjoy nature and to improve your hunting!

Crooked Bend "Birds & The Bees" food plot seed mix contains: Grain Sorghum, Peredovik Sunflowers, Red Clover, Birdsfoot Trefoil, and Hairy Vetch. One 25 pound bag plants up to 1 (one) acre of food plots.

  • Planting Time

    Spring & Summer

  • Bag Weight

    25 pounds

  • Planting Area

    Up to 1 (one) acre



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