Branson's Buffalo Blend (25lb Bag) - FOOD PLOT SEED MIX

Branson's Buffalo Blend (25lb Bag) - FOOD PLOT SEED MIX


Branson's Buffalo Blend food plot seed builds soil and provides an excellent habitat for your wildlife. The mixture of legumes, brassica and grains work together to provide max ground cover, high forage tonnage and improved soil health. All plants are cold tolerant and will feed your critters during fall, winter and into early spring. This seed mixture is designed to attract and feed whitetail deer, turkey and other wildlife. Food plots are a great way to enjoy nature and to improve your hunting!

For best results plant Crooked Bend’s “Basic Buck Blend” in the spring and then, plant the same plot with the “Branson’s Buffalo Blend” in the fall.

Crooked Bend "Branson's Buffalo Blend" food plot seed mix contains Purple Top Turnip, Daikon Radish, Winter Wheat, Cereal Rye and Crimson Clover.

  • Bag Weight

    25 pounds

  • Planting Time


  • Planting Area

    Up to 2 acres



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