Four Clover Combo (25lb Bag) - PERENNIAL FOOD PLOT SEED MIX

Four Clover Combo (25lb Bag) - PERENNIAL FOOD PLOT SEED MIX


Crooked Bend’s “Four Clover Combo” food plot seed blend consists of three perennial clovers (Ladino, White and Red) along with one annual clover (Crimson) which improve soil health due to increasing the nitrogen content. This legume mix provides max ground cover during both early and late seasons due to its ability to tolerate cold. This enables forage to be available for an extended amount of time which supports all wildlife, including turkey and deer (especially does and fawns!) This clover blend produces a lush, green, carpet-like path which makes it great to plant in your walking trails (allowing for a clear and quiet approach!)

For best results plant in partially shaded to full shaded areas.

Food plots are a great way to enjoy nature and to improve your hunting!

Crooked Bend’s "Four Clover Combo" perennial food plot seed mix contains: Ladino Clover, White Clover, Red Clover and Crimson Clover. One 25 pound bag plants up to 3 (three) acres of food plots.

  • Bag Weight

    25 pounds

  • Planting Time

    All Season

  • Planting Area

    Up to 3 (three) acres



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